Full-range, with Panflex horizontal steering, operating from 35 Hz to 20 kHz. The 3-way quad amplified design, the transducers resources are among the characteristics giving K2 an exceptional ability to perform in many applications and with a ground-breaking performance.


The Kara modular line source delivers Unmatched flexibility to any sound design, with its optional low frequency extension. This active, twoway compact enclosure boasts exceptional throw as well as smooth and wide horizontal directivity. Deployed alone, Kara is ideal for enhanced speech and vocal applications.


KS28 brings a unparalleled sub performance to a new standard, offering extended bandwidth down to 25 Hz, outstanding low frequency resolution, exceptional SPL and tight impact. Weighing only 79 kilograms (174 pounds) and epitomizing the ease of use that is the hallmark of an L-Acoustics enclosure, the sub is rapid and cost-effective to deploy, with all rigging integrated into the box. Like its predecessor, the KS28 is suitable for performances from classical or contemporary music through to EDM or green field music festivals.


L-Acoustics subwoofers complement systems in applications where extended bandwidth is required. All subs incorporate high excursion drivers, ultra-low vibration walls and laminar airflow L-Vents with a flared profile, resulting in dramatic reduction of port noise, maximized dynamics and power handling and an exceptional level of performance.